I hope I can accurately document my experiences in Brazil and share my knowledge with other educators. The Fulbright-Hays Seminars Abroad Project offers an extremely unique opportunity for a special educator. The need for both leaders and educators in special education to develop a global perspective of their field and an international understanding for policies and procedures abroad is imperative. Opportunities to learn from educators, government officials and inhabitants of countries promoting large education initiatives, especially those targeting students with disabilities and individuals who require alternative teaching methods, offer invaluable information about the country’s perception of special education, the disabled population, and what role culture plays in educating individuals with disabilities. Mutual understanding and learning amongst educators in this field is critical to the development of programs that will meet the unique needs of diverse populations.

Friday, July 16, 2010

On to Belem (Belem - Friday, July 2, 2010)

Brazil's loss to the Netherlands

Another night in the Amazon came and went and we boarded a plane to Belem, with a layover long enough in Manaus to see Brazil lose to the Netherlands. Heartbreak and saddness could be felt, but fireworks in honor of Brazil could still be heard in a distance. The entire day was filled with travelling and we were all relieved to arrive in Belem at around 6:30. Belem is another large city in the Amazon. It is located in the state of Para and sets along the Amazon River. It is known as the gateway to the Amazon. The first European colony in the Amazon was founded in Belem because of its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. We arrived in time to check in and walk to a large mall area filled with various restaurants. It set along the Amazon River and was part of a refurbished warehouse. We chose an organic, vegetarian restaurant that was, surprisingly, very good and returned to our hotel exhausted.


Andrew Saito said...

Hello, Jamie. Your trip to and work in Brazil looks fascinating. I'm interviewing for a scholarship to spend one year in Brazil studying community-initiated indigenous efforts at language preservation and fortification. I'd love to have a dialogue with you over email or phone about your experiences. Many thanks, Andrew Saito - zancudojapones@yahoo.com

Jamie Martin said...

I would be more than happy to help in ANY way!!! Language skills are imperative in the indigenous communities!! Please contact me at jamie.martin@sumnerschools.org